La Piana by Edward Lear

Source: La Piana by Edward Lear, The Art Institute of Chicago

While reflecting on what I want to learn during the upcoming year, I started devising a set of questions to ask myself before deciding to learn something new. I intend to be more intentional by answering these questions without removing the opportunity for serendipity.

With so many things to potentially learn, having clarity on what I want to learn and why feels nice.

Do I want my exploration of [subject] to be free-flowing (i.e., learning, exploring, discovering as I go), or would I prefer more guidance?

Which of my practices am I hoping to engage by learning more about [subject]?

What might more knowledge about [subject] help with? Are there any relevant projects that would benefit?

Is there any outcome that I am striving to achieve by learning more about [subject]?

What resources do I already own or have I already collected that might serve as a jumping-off point for learning more about [subject]?

How do you decide what to learn?