Screenshot of announcement post for CSS-Tricks acquisition by DigitalOcean


I began my web development journey back in 2007 at the wee age of 14. The technological landscape was different at that time (remember when we bemoaned JavaScript? [1]), as was the learning landscape. The advent of online courses wouldn't occur until video hosting platforms became mainstream in the 2010s, along with the learning platforms and coding boot camps that are so common today.

At that time, most of my learning happened by reading books, blogs, and participating in forums. One of the most impactful blogs I've followed is Chris Coyier's CSS-Tricks, which has been a constant throughout my career. Chris's passion and dedication to web development inspired and informed, while opening the door for others to share their experience and knowledge. CSS-Tricks has always been a reliable source of updates in the web development industry, practical tips and advice for web developers of all skill levels, thorough guides for web technologies, and so much more.

To say that Chris and CSS-Tricks helped me grow as a web developer would be a dramatic understatement.

Now, in a surprising and exciting announcement, Chris shared that DigitalOcean, a cloud infrastructure provider, has acquired CSS-Tricks. Check out the official announcement from Chris and DigitalOcean to get the full scoop.

I want to thank Chris for his ongoing dedication to the web development community and congratulate him and the entire CSS-Tricks team on the exciting news. Here's to many more years of wonderful content! 🎉


  1. JavaScript was so bemoaned by developers that books were actually named "JavaScript: The Good Parts". Little did we know what was in store over the next decade. ↩︎