As a creator, getting a project from start to finish is difficult. I can't count the number of times I've started creating something—blog posts, websites, web development tools—only never release them after falling down the endless cycle of fixing "just one more thing."

The problem is, there can always be one more thing to address before releasing something to the world. The flow of my writing can be improved before publishing; the design for my website can be fussed over indefinitely before launching; the tool that I'm building can always address another use case that someone might encounter.

The road to getting something out the door can be littered with endless speed traps, disguised as well-intentioned improvements, convincing us of their importance before we share our creations with the world.

Falling down this rabbit hole ensures that nothing I create sees the light of day. As a result, I repeatedly feel like I've failed myself by not following through with my desire to create and release things into the world. This disappointment can breed resentment towards myself or my creations, providing a negative association with my efforts. These feelings only serve to sap me of my creative drive and motivation, further inhibiting my creative drive.