Cyclist in the countryside of Romania

Source: Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

I had a dream I was racing someone uphill riding a bicycle. Looking over at my competition, I noticed them cruising up the hill, leaving me behind.

I looked at the person's bike to see if they had a leaner, meaner, more efficient ride.

Nope, we were riding the exact same bicycle.

I looked at the person's outfit to see if they dressed in a way that might help propel them forward.

Surprisingly, we were wearing the same clothes.

I finally paid attention to my own situation, looking down at my bike.

It turns out I was in a much higher gear than the other person; I was working harder while traveling less ground. Nothing about my competitor's situation directly impacted my situation.

I brought my attention inward, and upon shifting to a lower gear, I began cruising up the hill. Thoughts of competition left my mind as I focused on my ascension.

As I looked at my competitor one final time before reaching our summit, I suddenly recognized them as a friend. We were never competitors to begin with.

One of us reaching the peak first didn't exclude the other from the same accomplishment.

So we both finished the race.