Publishing content is difficult. Well, that's not true. In fact, publishing content on the internet is extremely easy—there are countless websites where one can sign up for a free account and publish just about anything for the masses to consume. If anything, publishing content couldn't be easier.

But I'm not referring to the difficulty of publishing content on the internet, but rather, the cognitive leaps creators jump through while taking a creation from idea to fruition.

Getting creations from a state of revising to a state of completion is where I've struggled the most as a writer. It's all too easy to fall down the One More Thing rabbit hole, continually moving the goal posts as I ferociously edit my work, only to receive diminishing returns.

Convincing myself that just because improvements can be made doesn't mean that they must be made has been difficult.

The road to getting something out the door can be littered with endless speed traps, disguised as well-intentioned improvements, convincing us of their importance before we share our creations with the world.

In a recent conversation with my life coach, David Schlussel, it struck me that an approach I could take towards facilitating my content publishing is to begin sharing drafts of my writing with the public. If I have internal barriers around sharing things I feel are "incomplete" or "not ready," then I can label them as such and kick them out the door. Perhaps this content will still provide some insight for folks or provide an opportunity for feedback from readers.

Click here to view my currently published drafts.

Publishing drafts feels like a good step in the direction of sharing more content with the world. It provides momentum, which keeps me motivated and engaged, fueling my creativity.

Here's to more writing and more publishing!